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Term & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  1. Termination

  • 1.1 Sunbeam Solar and Electrical may terminate for delays in its process causing supplier price increases, with full deposit refund.

  • 1.2 You may terminate within 10 days of the quote date, eligible for a deposit refund after deducting administrative charges.

  • 1.3 Procurement of material starts from 10 days, customers have to pay the material cost after 10 days of time.


  1. Introduction

  • 2.2. This agreement is between:

  • 2.3. Sunbeam Solar and Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as Sunbeam Solar and Electrical Solution ABN 19672837740, referred to as "we" or "us". and the customer named in the quote, referred to as "you".

  • 2.3 This agreement consists of: these terms and conditions, the attached quote.


  1. Purchase of Photovoltaic Solar System:

  • 3.1. Upon payment of the deposit, you agree to purchase your selected PV Solar System subject to these terms and conditions.

  • 3.2. Sunbeam Solar and Electrical will arrange the ordering and installation of your system for the quoted price under the following conditions. If You are:

    • 3.2.1. Eligibility for Solar Credits.

    • 3.2.2. Agreement and payment for any additional costs for non-standard installation, typically rare if not quoted in person.

    • 3.2.3. Providing accurate information for Solar Credits and network connection.

    • 3.2.4. Timely signing and return of REC forms within 3 days being send to you.

    • 3.2.5. Compliance of meter box & switchboard with Electrical Safety regulations.

  • 3.3. Sunbeam Solar and Electrical will procure Photovoltaic Solar components meeting Australian standards on your behalf.

  • 3.4. Installation will be carried out by Clean Energy Council accredited designers/installers and licensed electricians, complying with state and territory laws.

  • 3.5. Network connection and REC forms will be prepared based on provided information.

  • 3.6. You warrant eligibility for Solar Credits.


  • 5. Payment

    • 5.1. The balance payment is due prior to installation as cleared funds by cash, card (credit/debit/cheque).

    • 5.2. You authorize receipt of Solar Credits as part of payment, with liability if deemed ineligible by the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator.

    • 5.3. Breach of Solar Credits conditions may result in liability to the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator, with no responsibility from Sunbeam Solar and Electrical.

    • 5.4. STCs sale will be arranged at the REC price on the quotation day.

    • 5.5. Failure to pay may incur interest and associated recovery costs.

    • 5.6. Pricing is inclusive of GST; ownership transfers upon full payment.


  • 6. Property Access Authorization

    • 6.1. You confirm property ownership at the installation address.

    • 6.2. Authorization for access to the property is granted to Sunbeam Solar and Electrical and its employees, Contractor for paperwork, site inspection, delivery, installation and payment.

    • 6.3. Cooperation is expected for timely site inspections/installation.

    • 6.4. Default in payment authorizes entry for possession recovery to installers and agents. If the system is irrecoverable due to built in customer's property, the cost is debt due by customer and recoverable by action in law.


  • 7. Product Warranties

    • 7.1. Components are warranted by manufacturers and can be found in official documents.

    • 7.2. Solar system warranty is one year from installation, onsite service provided during warranty period only, unless mentioned in the quote/invoice.

    • 7.3. Labor charges apply for faulty parts replacement during warranty period. Customers have to pay full labour charge in advance.

    • 7.4. Performance is subject to local factors (Shade,orientation of roof, number of hours of sunlight), with no guaranteed level.

    • 7.5. All Products are warranted against defects and workmanship from day of installation.

    • 7.6. Sunbeam Solar and Electrical has right of Exclusions in conditions when damage is due to accidents, misuse,theft,fire, water, electrical surge, lighning strike,other peril, in outside condition of operation like dust, humidity,electrical power, temperature,and unauthorized alterations.


  • 8. Delivery and Installation

    • 8.1. Timely installation efforts will be made, but no guarantee due to external factors.

    • 8.2. Delays are not grounds for cancellation or compensation.

    • 8.3. Additional costs may apply for unnotified site access difficulties.


  • 9. Privacy Policy

    • 9.1. Providing personal information is required for efficient functioning, paperwork completion, and grid connection and STC.

    • 9.2. Information will be shared with contractors, Employees and installers for effective performance.

    • 9.3. Information may be provided to relevant bodies for Solar Credits, STC Rebate, processing and grid connection.

    • 9.4. Personal information will not be sold or shared with third parties.


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