Sunbeam Solar


For homeowners, we offer four main solar panel systems:


10KW solar panel system


Our top value system, with estimated savings of up to $3200 p/year* Output of 14,900-15,300 kWh/year


6.6KW solar panel system


Output of 6600 kWh Our most popular system, with estimated savings of up to $2200 p/year*


Hybrid solar panel system


Our top value system, Get a battery backup system to manage your solar savings, Output of 10,500-11,500 kWh/year, Ideal for most homes.

By choosing Arise Solar, all the research is done for you. We have one of Australia’s largest solar panel installation networks and work with a number of providers of the highest quality, Tier 1 premium solar panels and solar systems.

We can analyse your electricity bills and household needs to select the solution that works best for you. And with flexible finance options including Easy payment options available, you can start reducing your electricity bills faster than ever. 

To learn more about how much you can save on your electricity bills with solar, give us a call on 1300789291 or complete the contact form and we’ll get in touch with a personalised quote.


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